The last time Kyle Keding used heroin was the night Daniel Martz died of an overdose on Dec. 2, 2014. Three years later, Keding plead no-contest to a charge of second-degree reckless homicide for providing the heroin that killed Martz and was later sentenced to three years in prison followed by five years of extended supervision.

Dalesha, a sexual assault survivor, graduates from high school in Chicago on June 16, 2017 with the support of Cook County sheriff's investigators who took a special interest in helping her reach her goals. Dalesha's real name and identity have been concealed at her request because her case is unresolved.

Billionaire Warren Buffett's eldest son Howard has poured millions of dollars into Decatur, Ill., a small town in mid-state Illinois that has garnered a negative reputation from its past. After multiple employers closed and drug trafficking and gang activity drove up crime rates, the town saw a large  loss of population over the past decade. Howard Buffett hopes to encourage young people to build their lives in Decatur again by making it a safer and more enjoyable place to live.


The Central Wisconsin Area Community Theater runs an annual haunted house in October in Stevens Point, Wis. that combines a traditional haunted house experience with aspects of theater.

Missy Ojibway speaks in her home in Jim Falls, Wis. on January 26, 2018, about her daughter Megan Eisold who died by suicide when she was 16.

Jef Schobert is a disabled veteran, father and artist who creates elaborate snow sculptures in his front yard along a busy street in Stevens Point, Wis. Schobert uses this art form to stay active and cope with chronic pain, but he says his main goal is just to make people smile.

Lilia Gomez, 19, is set to graduate from Chicago's Youth Connection Leadership Academy, a charter high school on Chicago's South Side. It’s taken a lot of hard work, after having a baby at 16 and dropping out of school, but she feels if she can do it anyone can.

The Chicago SummerDance outdoor dancing series kicked off June 23, 2017, in Grant Park’s Spirit of Music Garden with swing dance lessons and live music by the Outcast Jazz Band.