From the Presidents to Problem Sets / by Alexandra Wimley

Being a student photojournalist is such a strange life sometimes. I photographed U.S. President Barack Obama Monday, which was an extremely rewarding (and nerve-wracking) experience.

In one moment I was standing on a tarmac, shivering because I forgot it would be 10 degrees colder by the water. The next moment, I was photographing Barack and Michelle Obama as they deplaned and shook hands with the people who had come to see him land in Boston. It seemed as though he was only in view for a blink of an eye as all of the photographers there scrambled to get their shots. 

As soon as his procession of limos and Secret Service security drove past the Boston skyline out of site, I had to hop in a taxi to make it back to campus on time for class, and two hours later I was sitting in class studying economics.